Carpet Dyeing Services by COLOR YOUR CARPET®

These photos (below), even on the best monitors and computers, do not do justice to the actual results when seen in person. Send us a sample of your carpet or call us for an evaluation and we will respond with a proposal for dyeing, tinting or restoring the color of your carpet.

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Color Restoration: Elegant Area Rugs

Even in very intricate patterns and designs, we can restore the original beauty and color to your treasured area rugs. Fiber-by-fiber if necessary!  

In the photo below, an owner of the Discovery Channel, shows her favorite area rug after it was restored by Color Your Carpet® .  In this case, the customer wanted the original color restored to the corners which had faded from sunlight. 




We know after you see the amazing results, you will want us to dye for you,
so why buy when you can dye?

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