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How well does carpet dyeing work on real-world problems? The writer started as a skeptic, but became a convert. 

As published in:
The Washington Post (print edition)
By Lee Fleming
Special to The Washington Post
Thursday, May 24, 2001; Page H01

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"Article Statements" Corrections  Further Clarifications
"Time needed also varies: It takes about three hours to restore 200 square feet."

Only on complicated patterns and multi-colored carpet is this much time needed. It normally takes about ONE hour to restore or dye 200 square feet of solid color carpet. Here's why:

On pattern and intricate design carpets, careful attention to detail requires that the dye master treat each color individually, so more time is necessary to accurately apply the color match and keep the pattern in tact.
On patterned area carpets suffering from discoloration and faded areas, we often have to put the dye back into the carpet fiber-by-fiber. This type of work is billed by the hour.
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Our unique one-step dye and clean process is very convenient and fast. One team of two technicians can perform at the rate of 100 to 700 square feet per hour. For example:
On solid color carpets, 4,000 to 7,000 square feet of office space can be completely restored to the original color or changed to a brand new color in less than 10 hours. 

A typical home with about 150 square yards of carpet (1,350 square feet) requires about 6 to 8 hours to complete.

A single room of 12' by 16' can be completed in about an hour. 

Hotel rooms can be dyed or color restored at between 10 to 25 rooms per day.

"The technician estimates that dyeing a medium-grade carpet of about 700 square feet will run about $200; replacing the carpet with the same grade can cost $700 to $800." 

The fact is that you can expect to pay for new carpet of about 700 square feet (about 80 sq yds) between $1,200 and $3,600 depending on the quality of the carpet selected and the costs associated with old carpet removal, disposal fees, installation and padding. 

Typical carpet replacement cost for a small home with 150 square yards of carpet is between $3,000 and $7,000.

Low quality carpet ($15 to $19 per square yard) 
Medium quality carpet ($20 to $35 per square yard). 
High quality carpet ($36 to $90 per square yard)

Below are summaries of what you can expect to pay for our services. Every job is different so each job is professionally evaluated and a written service proposal is provided to the client before any work is agreed to by the Color Your Carpet technician. 

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Usually a sample is provided or a demonstration is performed before any decisions to proceed are made. Below is a overview of typical pricing.

Spot dyeing and stubborn stain removal is charged at between $85 to $185 per hour. 

ColorFresh: from about $0.70 to $0.90 per sq. ft.

ColorRestore: about $0.90 to $1.25 per sq. ft.

ColorTint: about $0.95 to $1.50 per sq. ft.

ColorChange: about $1.50 to $1.95 per sq. ft.

Wool carpets are charged at about 30% to 50% more than nylon carpet.

Custom designs, borders, patterns and logos are priced per project.

Commercial pricing is lower based on volume and committed contract arrangements.

We also perform dyeing and color restoration to carpets in vehicles, trains, planes & boats as well as certain applications on textile or fiber covered furniture, wall coverings, window treatments and interior fixtures. 

Our ONLY business is DYEING!

The cost of our unique services is priced per job and based on many important factors.

Overall, the Color Your Carpet® system can save the customer at least 50% of the replacement value of the carpet up to 85% of equal carpet replacement costs.

Low quality carpet requires  less dye and usually less "work" than medium quality carpet. High quality carpet usually requires more dye and associated time to apply the dyes properly.

1. The original color, pattern, fiber type and density of the carpet. (Most carpet is usually nylon, a light neutral single color, medium face-weight, half inch in height and medium density.)

2. The quality of the existing carpet. (High quality carpet usually has much more face fiber, better density and more "dye-sites" and therefore requires more dye.)

3. Layout of the area. (Stairs and detail areas like landings are priced a bit higher than the rest of the flat areas. Furniture usually does not have to be removed from the area, just put to one side of the room and is replaced immediately after dyeing with furniture pads or protectors placed underneath. Extreme care is taken to protect adjacent surfaces, walls and all items in the room. The amount of furniture to be moved is also part of the pricing consideration.)

4. The type of service to be performed:

a. Spot dyeing and stubborn stain removal (restores original color and pattern to bleached, faded or discolored areas. If a carpet cleaner cannot fix or remove the ugly stain or spot, we can.)

b. ColorFresh (doesn't change the original carpet color, just refreshes the original color.)

c. ColorRestore (restores severe faded and discolored areas to match the original color.)

d. ColorTint (deepens carpet color in the same color and shade from a very slight tint up to a very rich deepening of the original color.)

e. ColorChange (Brand new color for decorating purposes.)

f. DesignDye (Custom designs, borders, patterns and logos.)

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"The technician says a carpet cannot be made lighter than its original intensity: "

Of course we can make any carpet color darker. But we don't have to. We do not have to dye existing carpet colors into much darker colors. 

For example: We can make a lateral move from a medium blue to a medium brown or a medium green to a medium gray or a medium mauve to a medium blue. 
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While any application of dye technically results in more dye, we can change colors and the result will not look darker. It will just be a different color. Sometimes, it will actually appear to be lighter, but it is an optical illusion. 
For example: We can change a light beige to a light gray or a light gray to a light beige. We can change a mint green to a pale blue or light mauve or equal depth of beige or gray and any other equally light colors. We cannot change extremely dark colors into very light colors. We can change from an existing color family into other color families! The best news is that we prepare custom samples for you BEFORE you decide.
"I wanted to see it help my own carpet, a large Chinese wool rug marred with several bleach spots and pet stains."

As any professional oriental rug cleaner will tell you, fine area rugs made of wool or silk will last several lifetimes if cared for properly. However, wool or silk rugs are very delicate and must be professionally cleaned by a person trained in the science of cleaning these delicate fibers. 

First, wool carpets must not be subjected to any high temperature liquids (including water!) which will cause shrinkage and fiber distortion. 

Next, no alkaline (high pH) chemicals (above a pH of 7) should ever be used on wool carpet or rugs. Finally, be very careful when trying to tend to spills or stains on wool carpet and rugs. 

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Do not use Resolve, any "Oxy" type cleaners or TV miracle spotters. Never allow any stain protectant of any type (StainMaster, Scotchguard, etc.) to be applied to a wool carpet or rug, no matter what a carpet cleaner tells you. 

In fact, stain protector treatments, while an extremely lucrative profit center for carpet cleaners, is a waste of money and can actually be worse for the carpet than carpet that is properly cleaned and not subjected to the harsh chemistry of silicones and fluorocarbons used in after market stain protector treatments.

Every customer is skeptical the first time we help them solve their carpet color problems.

Usually, they have tried every known course of action from professional cleaners to DIY (do-it-yourself) methods to TV miracle products, all with poor results. However, after a simple demonstration of our carpet color expertise, these skeptics become our best advertisements. Amazingly, still, until you see the results in person it is almost impossible to believe what we can do. 

Although he did correct the problems on Ms Fleming's fine wool carpet, it's very important to note that bleach stains on any wool carpet are non-existent. 

True bleach (Clorox or similar products containing bleach "sodium hypochlorite" will dissolve wool. Therefore, the affected area will actually be a hole in the rug, not a stain. So if you have a wool carpet, keep bleach or any form of bleach far away from it. 

Likely, the stains on Ms Fleming's rug were caused by a combination of the chemical reaction in animal urine and some type of peroxide or reducing agent contained in various consumer cleaning products, but not a true bleach. 

Through our 20 years of extensive  research we have developed proprietary chemicals and processes to properly neutralize the existing stains and detrimental chemicals without harming the delicate fiber or the overall integrity of the carpet. 

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"Today it has franchisees throughout the United States -- mostly in the South and the Midwest."
Color Your Carpet® serves 200+ markets worldwide operated by the existing 26 authorized franchisees. Color Your Carpet® has recently launched an international campaign to recruit franchisees in 20+ states in the USA and 20+ key global markets. 
"We simply have no competition anywhere except new carpet."
Color Your Carpet® headquarters is located in Jacksonville, Florida with franchisees operating in 21 states in the USA and eight international markets. 

Franchise information can be found on the corporate web site at:

A list of franchisee locations and the areas they serve are found on this web site as well.

How it all started with the Washington Post:
Read the original forum letter and responses to the WP columnist that captured their interest and attention to interview Color Your Carpet and publish a story about our unique services.

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